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Bull Bar & Grill / lifeinlapland.com
Bull Bar and Grill / lifeinlapland.com
Bull Bar and Grill / lifeinlapland.com

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If you have a need for a good hefty meal at a good price (€10 to €30 ) while watching your favorite sport on the big screen with a cold drink, Bull Bar & Grill right in the centre of Rovaniemi is the place for you.

This American style bar serves generous portions of burgers, ribs, wings, salads and sides, and their menu will make sure your not left hungry after a long day exploring town and visiting Santa. All of their dishes are made by the skilled chefs of City Hotel's kitchen staff as "the Bull" is part of the hotels dining options and located just beneath the ground floor of the hotel. It's also home to the Rovaniemi-famous ICANTFEELMYFACE Burger - a mouth-scorching endeavor for anyone who enjoys spicy food and willing to take on this 170g pure beef patty, cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce, tomato, house made x-hot mango salsa, 'I can’t feel my face' sauce, house made Chorizo sauce and chili mayonnaise. The names of those who've managed to finish this spicy burger (and the times of how long it took them to eat it) are recorded on the wall, letting visitors leave their mark in Rovaniemi if up for the challenge. The bar also offers a variety of Finnish and international beers on tap or in bottles, as well ciders, spirits and liquors. But you don't have to be a guest of the hotel to dine or drink here as there is a separate street entrance that welcomes any and all visitors to come downstairs to grab a warm meal, a good drink, and relax.

In addition to big meals, Bull Bar is a popular venue in town for occasional live music and weekly televised sporting events, showing major games (Premier League, Champions League, NHL, NFL) from Viasat Sports, Mtv3 max, Mtv3 Sport1 & Sport2,  Nelonen Pro 1 & 2) on several TV screens throughout the bar. Theres also a variety of games to choose from and play (like Foosball, Beer Pong, Darts, Trivial Pursuit, Tower, and more) so groups can hang out and just enjoy some games with friends. For smokers, theres also an indoor smoking room so you don't have to go outside when you need a smoke like you do in some of Rovaniemi's other bars (not so great when its -25C outside!).

You can read more about the tasty food Bull Bar & Grill serves, as well as have a look at their current specials and upcoming events, by visiting the Bull Bar & Grill website. You can also have a look at their current menu here.

Summer opening hours: SUN-MON closed, TUE-THU 17:00-24:00, FRI-SAT 17:00-02:00 (kitchen closes 22:30) HAPPY HOUR 22:00-24:00.

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